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Topharman Shandong Co., Ltd. (Topharman) is located in Anqiu city, Shandong province-25 kilometers south of Weifang city with convenient transportation.  The company has more than 200 employees, 48% of whom have university degrees.  Topharman is mainly engaged in R&D, production and sales of API.  Besides meeting domestic market demand, the products are also sold to the United States, the European Union, Japan, Israel and other countries and regions.  With a professional R&D, production and management team equipped with advanced R&D, production and quality control equipment, Topharman is committed to the industrialization of green and sustainable drug synthesis technology in cooperation with domestic universities and institutes including Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences.  Topharman has set up one "Weifang Key Laboratory of Green and Sustainable Medicine" and one "Weifang Engineering and Technology Center for The Treatment of Rare Diseases for Children".  The company has grown to become a representative of technological innovation in the local pharmaceutical industry. 

Adhering to the principle of "Quality First, Service Foremost", Topharman has established a standardized and effective quality assurance system and has passed GMP inspections of China, the United States, the European Union and Japan.    Topharman now has three production workshops and five independent clean areas with complete equipment and facilities which can effectively control chemical reactions ranging from -70℃ to 250℃.

Setting the goal of “safety, environmental protection, simplicity, and low consumption”, Topharman has implemented the “source control” strategy proposed by the team led by Dr. Shen Jingshan from the beginning of R&D.    First, design, screen and verify the most reasonable chemical synthesis route that is most suitable for pharmaceutical GMP production, and then carry out process research and quality design;    fully explore the practicability of the corresponding chemical process and preventive measures while optimizing the integration of technical parameters and conditions.    In light of the fact that once the pharmaceutical production process technology is incorporated into the GMP system, it will not be easily changed.    Dr. Shen Jingshan's team go to great lengths to fundamentally eliminate or reduce safety hazards and  to minimize any adverse effect on personnel health and ecological environment with the aim to ensure the comprehensive competitiveness and vitality of process technology in industrial practice.

Committed to “source control”, Topharman has developed a number of manufacturing technologies for APIs including aripiprazole, telmisartan, tadalafil, eflonazole and cis-atracurium.    It is worth mentioning that the synthetic route and process technology of telmisartan and cis-atracurium are at the international leading level.    Among them, the synthetic route of telmisartan developed by Dr. Shen jingshan's team (“cyanogen hydrolysis” and “ester hydrolysis”) has been widely used by pharmaceutical enterprises worldwide.

In terms of environmental health and safety (EHS), Topharman has made relentless efforts to implement the strategy of green and sustainable development.    Topharman strictly abides by national laws and regulations as well as industrial standards, timely upgrades all kinds of safety and environmental protection equipment and facilities, establishes and improves various management regulations, and has complete EHS procedures.    Monitoring of water quality at sewage outlet and various indicators of VOCs at the plant have realized 24-hour continuous online monitoring and real-time uploading to the platform to be supervised by regulatory authorities and the society, realizing the concept and goal of green and sustainable development of the enterprise.

We welcome talents from the pharmaceutical industry and management talents to join Topharman.    Topharman will take human health and corporate development as its mission and join hands with colleagues to create a better future.